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End of Semester

As I sit here looking at the calendar, it is already the end of the semester. As of friday we had completed 47 days of school. Most days went as expected, though a couple were a bit more unschoolish than I had anticipated, but we are so happy with our decision.  It has proven to be what we expected. That was a bit of a gush wasn't it?

I was thinking we were behind, but according to our school calendar we not only have thanksgiving off, but we have a few days to play with this week also! Really, I do love school but, who doesn't like free time also. I have a good reason for loving this break.  I am taking advantage of the shortened week to learn all about Thanskgiving and some dance/music history we have been neglecting. I ccould use a week-long break to get the house back in order and figure out how all 11 family members, including two little ones are going to fit in my kitchen on Thursday. I also hope to get ahead of DD in lessons since she's always surprising me on what she accomplishes. DD takes it much more seriously if it all magickly appears in her boxes over night instead of Mom handing it to her as we go.

Ok I rambled enough.  Here was last week's fun boxes.  I am always looking for more ideas so, please leave a comment with your ideas or blog links.

We did a large amount on Veterans Day:


 Including some coloring pages, wordscramble  as well as making this poppy to remember the field so many sodiers died in.


We also did some reading because, if nothing else, homeschooling has taught me how much I do not know. This book was so well laid out I will be looking for others in the serious.


My mom was great in picking up this puzzle globe that has become a family project. Little secret: the inside is numbered, so if you get confused you can go back and check.


 We  read about Albert Einstein and filled out a notebook page for him. Did you know he hated high school and normally didn't match his socks? My personal favorite?  Apparently, it is believed he didn't speak untill he was three.  Our discussing him led my husband to bring home The Evolution of Physics  from the library. BTW, this is another serious of books (Who was...?) we enjoy to the point DD is begging for them on the rare book store trip.  

You will likely notice that we have not been doing any science projects lately. We are slowly working our way through the human body.  While I still love our book, and for most children the experiments would work, DD was getting frustrated because, with her sensory issues, our charts were not coming out how they where supposed to. An example being she uses more energy sitting still and her reflexes are not always accurate, so grabbing a ruler as it drops does not always get better.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen at all. Instead of pushing through and aggravating her, I took a short break from the subject and we will finish up the reading on the human body without anymore human experiments.

 Disclaimer- these are not affiliate links. I live in a state amazon no longer deals with.   I do support blogs who do use them, as far as I am concerned they put much time and there own money into running the site the least we can do is buy through their links.  But I will be honest, 90% of our books are from within our library system, for us this is the only way we can afford the variety we use weekly. We put them on hold online and when we get there later in the week they are all sitting at the front desk. Either way I hope you find some books you enjoy.

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