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Meal Planning Monday

This week is Thanksgiving so I am going to keep it simple. Between Thanksgiving prep and DD having a ton of junk at the parties this week, it's just not worth fighting until her taste goes back to normal. Last week I did make my own yogurt.  It is actually quite simple, but takes some practice to get it perfect. We also made crackers and Tortillas instead of bread. I am proud of myself!  I even ended up soaking the baked oatmeal. My daugther who hates oatmeal loved it, so it will be appearing on our menus now. Which leads me to think I have to redo our possible meal list soon.  We have added a few items and done away with some of our shopping list as we learned to make more from scratch.  Also, we found out my husband is allergic to sesame, so that limits the last of the crackers and other packaged items we used to buy.


Breakfast - Baked Oatmeal

Snack - apple sauce

Lunch - chicken fingers

Snack-  trail mix

Dinner-  chicken pot pie


Breakfast- pancakes

Snack -  crackers with pb

Lunch - salad

Snack - apple

Dinner - chili and pb+j


Breakfast - waffles

Snack - apple sauce

Lunch - egg salad

Snack - trail mix

Dinner - DH cooks


Breakfast - Cereal

Late Lunch-  See our Thanksgiving meal plan


Breakfast- Pancakes

Snack- fruit

Lunch- turkey sandwich

Snack- Freebie

Dinner- salad


Breakfast- pumpkin bread

Snack- Banana

Lunch- leftovers

Snack- apple sauce

Dinner- turkey soup


Snack- baked oatmeal

brunch - french toast

Snack -  fruit

Dinner- free for all

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