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1 down and 9 to go... Months that is :)

We were on a short week with a three day weekend. My DD spent some time with her aunt and cousin on friday, while I had a doctors appointment and some errands to run. I have to say, a four day week does seem to fly. Here is what I managed to record. We did manage to fit in some science projects, but I was busy helping, so I didn't get all the pictures I wanted.

The family had a picnic in the park. This is a shot DD took of Buddy.

This is her favorite way of working on time, so who am I to refuse! You can find the printable here on Mr

We worked on some multiplication skills. Hard to believe she's on multiplication! Seems like she should still be learning to count.

And of course, we learned about Rosh Hashanah.  The apple is a symbol of a good year, and so far, ours is off to a good start.

Though we don't normally have a three day weekend, the shortened week helped us to recover some of our seemlingly lost energy.  The weather hasn't been the greatest up here, and we needed a day to play.  Next week we'll come back nice and strong!


Wow week 3 is over already?

Time really does fly.  Then again, we are half way into All About Spelling Level 1 and almost done with Singapore Math 1b.   Unfortunately, when you start a new book in second grade, you sometimes have to work through some of the work in previous editions so you have the right foundation to move on. Once DD picked up on the format of Singapore Math she started trucking right along. It won't be long before she's gotten multiplication and division mastered, or at least understands the basics.

This weeks taste test was Peach, Plum and Nectarine. I know they don't quite go together, but I am running out of combinations here. While these were fruits she loved as a toddler, she's been turning up her nose at them lately. Once again the taste test worked wonders and she's asking for them along with apples now. 

Following our Road Trip U.S.A. We visited Delaware this week. Did you know that Delaware is the First State and that Peach blossoms are the state flower? We built the bridge suggested in the curriculum.  I was surprised DD didn't seem as impressed with this as she was with coloring her peach blossoms. Maybe the bridge wasn't as impressive because it was so wobbly, it took both of us to hold it up until it was tied.

We did some work in the car while waiting for Daddy to meet us. Love the page protectors!  They make reworking an assignment so easy.  It took some time getting used to the Shurley format.  DD knew the answers, just not what they were asking.

More on our cells this time in Jello.

Can't forget our Pinwheels for peace. This is just a cute way to celebrate Peace day.

We also moved from cells to skeletons.  The Femur is the longest bone.  DD couldn't belive this till she compared them all.

On Friday, to celebrate Maybon we read "The Little Red House with No Doors and No Windows and a Star Inside" We did not get to make our star prints using apples, unfortunately.  Hoping to fit it in this week. 


As week 2 draws to a close

I will admit  our 4 day weekend did no favors to my house, but the family had a great time together. As for offical school, we managed to fit alot into our days .

We finished up friday's field study by looking up our plants in the field guide we borrowed.

After reading Samantha, we talked about how $6 was a lot of money back when Samantha was a girl. Quite a shock to a child that is used to thinking of each book at goodwill being $1.00.


Created a Praying Mantis to go along with our study of Connecticut.



Learning all about cells. The favorite part of this experiment was being allowed to "pop" the yolk! :)

Completing some synonym and antonym worksheets to reinforce our grammar lesson. Chairs? Who needs chairs?  We have a Yoga ball to lay on and a couch to write on.


Here we are heading off to help with the toddler dance classes. This is a favorite part of the flexibility our schedule is allowing.

Some sensory play with the shaving cream. I love this tray I picked up from Ikeas clearance section. It really makes clean up easy.

Playing "hoops" on the patio. I will take this as Yes, she did learn something at OSV.

A current Favorite activity- Maps. I was able to pick this workbook up for free with Scholastic's $10 free code.

And, of course, practicing our grammar jingles with the help of the computer.  This works well for our phonograms also.

I am noticing as I post this, apparently my camera was missing most of the week. I swear she doesn't wear the same shirt all week. :)




Mystic Seaport

Who can't resist spending a day near the water, with no cars or technology around? Better yet, it was First Responder day so we got a glimpse at the history of firefighting.

My daughter took most of the photos on this trip. She made it a very hard choice of what to post but, her smiling face won out most of the time.


This is a cool playscape they have made from... what else?.. boats.

This has to be my favorite shot of the weekend. This was taken inside the Charles W Morgan that is dry docked for repairs.

Can you imagine them rushing onto seen in a horse pulled carriage and having guys lined up on each side to pump the water?

This is what many people today would recognize as an antique Fire Engine, with Dad reminiscing in front.

It was my turn to pose for the pictures.

That must have been some big ship! If you get a chance to check out the seaport, don't forget to stop at one of our favorites: the Penny machine seen in the background!  These make great souvenirs, normally only cost 51 cents, and all store in a neat album bought in any museum gift shop. The best part?  No matter how many times we visit, they never seem to run out of designs.


Our First Week.

 Being our first week, and with a whole lot of review, we took it easy with mostly short days. Of course, part of our history lesson included Labor Day. We had plenty of worksheets and books, but broke it up with some fun!

DD is great with math but, we have to work on our speed with addition facts. Somehow, while she knows them, getting the info out is a problem.  I picked up this idea from a couple of different blogs and modified it to what we were working on. Next time I might leave the circle blank and use it as a wipe off board to make it more versatile.


For snack we have been doing taste tests.  You can read more about it here .  This week was Tomatoes at her request.  I used cherry tomatoes, ketchup, and sauce. I am trying to relate what she doesn't eat to something she does. Verdict: tomatoes are ok covered in parmesan cheese but, not on their own.

I found this bingo game in the dollar section of Target. She was thrilled to be playing  a game with Daddy and Mommy. I was a bit worried over the larger numbers, but she surprised me and did excellent on the two digit addition. Tip: do not cover your square 'til they do, or they cheat :)


The directions to make these flash cards came in the teacher manual. They were the perfect things to help with getting the idea of place value away from circling pictures and into an applied concept.


Even big 2nd graders like to do this project.  You can find the download at





Sentence Construct was a game I picked up at the dollar store. I think we might put it away for a while and use it toward the end of the year.  I love the concept.  It is like Scrabble, but with words. Unfortunately they do not include many basic nouns and verbs. When we got into using adverbs and adjectives, we quickly ran off the board.  Worth the dollar; especially if your kids are a bit further along in grammar then mine is.


Looking through all that, it's no wonder I am tired! Time to see what I can come up with for next week's boxes.